Our hope is as read these amazing stories, that you too will be inspired ,and begin to pray and take back ground in your community.

Springfield, OH

Often when we go out to an area where a violent crime has occurred we may never know all the details or even encounter people who knew the one killed or those involved with the crime.  However, one day we did!
There was a crime that occurred in Springfield several months ago where a man had been shot multiple times between a house and a garage and left for dead.
As we arrived at the area of the crime we saw a man coming out of his home and asked him about it.  He told the general area of where it had occurred and we prayed with him and headed over to the alley where he had indicated.
As we walked down the alleyway I noticed a side alley leading back to the main street and suggested we turn there.
As we came to street we noticed three men on a porch next to the alley we were on drinking beer and sitting around talking.  They weren’t expecting anyone coming through that alley and were a bit startled by our appearance and so I said, “God bless you! We are praying over this neighborhood because a young man was shot and killed here last week.”
As I headed toward them the one man said, “That was my son!”
I couldn’t even imagine how he felt and what he was going through.  How terrible to lose a son in that manner!
As I reached the porch we discovered that the other two men were the victim’s cousin and uncle.
We spent time listening to them and praying with them and left feeling their grief and yet too their appreciation for what we were doing.
Yes, you never know who you meet on a prayer walk!

Dayton, OH

We had been doing prayer walks in Dayton for several months and as the weather began to turn warmer and the days grew longer we were given more opportunities to meet people in the areas we were praying over.
This one evening we decided to go to an area of Dayton which is predominantly African-American.  We are of the Caucasian skin and, as such, stood out to those in that area as we drove down the street near where a young man was gunned down.
As we drove down the street we both noticed a number of people outside on their porches and it seemed as though all of them were looking at us as if to say, “What do you want, snowflake?”
Certainly, whenever you find yourself in a situation where the outcome of an encounter is uncertain there are thoughts which bombard us to resist such encounters. This was the case with us, as well.
I decided to drive across the street and park the car there.  As we both got out of the car we both felt the prompting of Holy Spirit to go down that street we had just driven through.  In fact, I heard Holy Spirit say, “That’s the street I want you to go to.”
Whenever Holy Spirit guides us we always have a decision to make.  We can choose to follow Him or we can do what we think is best for ourselves.
At that moment, I turned to my son and said, “We need to go down that street!”
The first house we encountered was on the opposite side of the street and had about ten or so individuals of various ages out on the porch.  The one man was sitting down and appeared to be the oldest of the group.
As we walked by, our custom is always bless the people we encounter and to tell them what we are doing.  So I said, “God bless you! We are out here praying over the neighborhood because we heard that someone was shot and killed here this week. Is there anything we can pray with you about?”
At that he said, “You prayin’?  Come up here!”
We crossed the street and he invited us to sit down and we conversed about the Lord for fifteen or twenty minutes and even walked with him to pick up his granddaughter from the bus stop.
Every house we went to that day the people were open for prayer and for the move of God in their lives!
If we allow our thoughts and feelings to dictate where we go we will often miss out on where Holy Spirit is working!
There is no place we can’t go because wherever we go our God goes with us, for He is in us!

Urbana, OH

It’s funny how life seems to go through cycles.  We have seasons of change in our weather and also in our life.  There is a season for planting, one for watering and cultivating, one for harvesting and also one for rest.
Recently, we have been experiencing a season of harvesting.  This isn’t a harvest of fruits or vegetables but rather of souls.
I recently began to do a prayer walk in Urbana with a woman from the Crossway Vineyard Church.  She has a heart to develop this as a ministry for her community and so we met and walked around the town center.
As we were walking along one of the main streets three teenage boys approached us and I asked them if we could pray with them.  One of them kept walking but the other two stayed and after some discussion they both listened as I explained to them how to be “born again”.
Afterward, they both prayed and invited the Lord into their lives!
Shortly after that we met a family who was homeless.  They had three little children under the age of seven and were currently living in shelter but would have to leave that week.
Brad, the father, had just recently been released from jail and had to go his probation officer the next day but could not stay in the shelter with his family because of the shelter’s restrictions.
We prayed with them and spent time talking with them about some other options.  I gave them my phone number and hoped to hear from them again, but sadly I did not.
Three weeks later I was sitting on bench by the Urbana House of Prayer waiting for the woman to show up and guess who saw me and then I saw him.  Yep, it was Brad!
He came over sat down and talked with me and I discovered things were turning around they were living in Bellefontaine and were all going to church.
The week before I met a lady, Kathy, who had asked the Lord to come into her life and so I asked Brad to go with me to see her and then I would take him home.
So off we went to see Kathy!  God is so good!

Grandview, OH.

Going to a new area for the first time you never know what to expect.  I had been invited by a friend of mine to come and do a prayer walk in his neighborhood in Grandview, a suburb of Columbus.
We decided to walk around his immediate neighborhood and met several people along the way.  One lady we met at a bus stop.  She was listening to something through her headset but took them off when we said, "God bless you!"
We then asked her if we could pray with her and introduced ourselves.  As we were praying I felt that she was a person who was opened up her home for others and was someone who people could confide in.  That seemed to resonate with her and I prayed some more with her regarding those areas and then her bus came.  She thanked us and got onto the bus.
When we approach people we aren't always welcomed and this one lady was sitting down on the ground with a bundle of clothing beside her.  As always I said, "God bless you!" To which she replied, "I don't want anything from you!"
My friend was a bit taken back but I continued to talk with her and she began to come around a bit.  I did learn that she had had a bad church experience and could totally understand why she reacted as she did.
Prayer is always our goal as we go and yet simply loving and listening to those we meet is key to our prayers.  As we left we were able to prayer for her and trust that she will receive a touch from Father.
Sometimes we just go and trust that Holy Spirit will complete the work that He has started!